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VOTD: ?Angry Birds? Through the Eyes of Guy Ritchie

Fake Angry Birds movie trailers are nothing new. We even posted a good one, done in the style of Michael Bay, a few months back [1]. But as Hollywood struggles [2] to get an official version off the ground, the gang over at Machinima and The Quarter Bin, such as director Nick Murphy, have come up with surprisingly simple, I-can't-believe-I-didn't-think-of-that way to take the Angry Birds concept and port it to the mainstream. And if it happens to be a total plagiarism of the works of Guy Ritchie? Well, at least they picked someone whose style is fun to watch. The unofficial movie trailer for Angry Birds is after the jump.

Thanks to Machinima [3] for the video.

And here's the description from the YouTube page [4]:
Jason and Tommy are tasked with delivering the Queen Mum's famed Faberg� egg collection to a museum in Philadelphia. Only when they get to America, they find the eggs are gone. A team of highly-trained femme fatale art thieves have stolen the case the eggs were transported in, only to discover another team of swine-masked bandits has made off with the actual prize.

These so-called "American birds" aren't just going to sit back, and let someone else get all the glory and gold. They're smart. They're sexy. And now, these birds are angry.

From the creators of God of War (Indie Movie), The Legend of Zelda (1987), and Inglourious Plummers comes the next epic of blockbuster proportions: Angry Birds.

Check out our behind the scenes pics and feature right over here: [5]
Pretty fun, no? I think the Angry Birds movie we eventually end up seeing will use the actual birds from the game, probably in some kind of animated fashion, but it would be great if someone took the idea and gave it this kind of Fox Force Five approach instead. Do you agree?



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The Buffer 360!

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Daimler testing wireless charging on a Mercedes Benz in a house from the future

Daimler (owners of Mercedes-Benz and Smart) is teaming up with Conductix-Wampfler and Röchling Automotive KG to produce wireless charging coils to form the centerpiece of 2012's Effizienzhaus-Plus. It's a government-backed project to build and test a dwelling that generates more energy than it uses -- the excess will then charge the supplied B-Class E-Cell 'Benz EV without the need of cabling. Simply park the car over a coil in the garage floor and the electromagnetic field will juice your environmentally friendly whip for free. The company hopes the project will iron out the logistical and financial issues preventing it from bringing the tech to the Autobahns of the world. One thing the project can't do, however, is soothe the troubled brow of the fossil-fuel lobby -- the press release we've got below dryly notes that "clearly, BP will not be happy about this."

[Thanks, Ashley]

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Kobo Vox review

Kobo has long been happy to position itself as the underdog in the e-reader race, a spin that's based on more than a few grains of truth. After all, what else should this small Canadian company call itself after years of going head to head with giants like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Sony? In spite of its perceived disadvantages, though, it's remained competitive with products like the eReader Touch Edition, a device that matched the Nook and Kindle feature-for-feature.

Now, the company is attempting to pull off a similar feat with the Vox, its first entry in the tablet space -- and a clear shot across the bow at a couple low-cost slates from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Can the e-reader David pull off an upset against a couple of Goliaths this go 'round, or have the company's limited resources finally gotten the better of it? Watch the battle unfold before your eyes, after the break.

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Facebook for Android update going live today, promises UI tweaks and faster photos (update: live!)

We already knew a much-needed update to Facebook's Android app was close at hand, but we finally have the confirmation from the horse's mouth that the upcoming refresh will go live at some point today. The new version of the app will offer photos and albums at double the speed, a new menu on the left-hand side, and the ability for messages to "float" above the rest of the screen rather than exiting the page you're currently viewing. And while the social networking app technically works on devices running Ice Cream Sandwich, plenty of concerns have arisen regarding its lack of integration with the new OS; fortunately, it shows the update as it would look on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- we're crossing our fingers that this is some type of hint that we'll see contact syncing for Android 4.0 included as part of the download, but it's all wishful thinking. We'll keep you posted if it actually happens.

Update: As of 9:30PM ET or so the updated version is live on the Android Market. The description is still lagging as of this writing, but feel free to snatch the new version on the mobile device of your choice and let us know how it's working. Unfortunately contact sync in ICS is still a no-go, but at least the settings are actually accessible now. If you're having trouble (blank screen when launching the app, etc.) we're hearing clearing the cache may resolve any issues.

[Thanks, Thomas]

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Brad Pitt, Rooney Mara, Ryan Gosling, and More Channel the Dark Side for the New York Times Magazine [Gallery]


As we head toward the end of the year, it's clear that 2011 has yielded some damn great performances from both established stars (Gary Oldman, Glenn Close) and rising talents (Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska). So naturally, the best way to celebrate their accomplishments is by inviting each of them to play characters wholly unlike the ones they've recently received acclaim for.

In a video gallery from The New York Times Magazine titled "Touch of Evil," thirteen of this year's most notable stars tackle thirteen villainous types, from "The Menacing Dummy" (Oldman) to "The Sociopath" (Rooney Mara channeling A Clockwork Orange's�Alex DeLarge) and everything in between. Hit the jump for a photo gallery from the feature.

We've included a selection of stills from the NYT Magazine feature below. Some of the stars played archetypal bad-guy figures, while others did a take on a specific character. It's well worth heading over to the site [2] to watch the actual shorts, which run about one minute each and are fantastically fun to watch -- though I must take issue with the choice of casting the very handsome Ryan Gosling as an invisible man.

[gallery columns="2"]

Actors and evil types featured are:

Brad Pitt as the Madman
Rooney Mara as the Sociopath
Gary Oldman as the Menacing Dummy
Mia Wasikowska as the Home Wrecker
Ryan Gosling as the Invisible Man
George Clooney as the Tyrant
Viola Davis as the Vengeful Caretaker
Kirsten Dunst as the Siren
Michael Shannon as the Tycoon
Jessica Chastain as the Fire Starter
Jean Dujardin as the Hothead
Adepero Oduye as the Outlaw
Glenn Close as the Vamp

You can see more photographs, with comments from the actors ("I picked Captain Bligh because I liked his hat," quips Clooney) here [3], read the behind-the-scenes write-up here [4], or check out the virtual inspiration board here [5].



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Dolan began slamming as a Slam Poet at New York City's Nuyorican Poets Cafe, where he gained respect as part of HBO's Def Poetry in 2002. He also used his skills to capture the Providence Poetry Slam title in both 2002 and 2003, and served as a member and coach to several national Slam teams before breaking with poetry slam in late 2003. 2003 also saw the first release of "The Failure," [at the time] a two-disc, homegrown demo full of Dolan's earliest work. After this self-release, Dolan disappeared from poetry slam to pursue more overtly musical projects, as well as his own contribution to the struggle against social injustice In 2003, he made a youth art-outreach program called "The Open Mics Project", and began counseling youth through rap and poetry in a variety of extremely diverse settings. In the midst of inventing the aesthetic seen in his most recent work, Dolan co-created and co-founded the website with former slam teammate and friend Sage Francis.[10] Dolan joined Francis on The Tour in support of the project, which is when Francis expressed interest in releasing a revised version of "The Failure" on Strange Famous Records Faced with the original demo's worldwide release, Dolan undertook the task of completely reworking the 2 year old "Failure." 2008 brought about the official re-release of "The Failure", which was trimmed down by a disc, and praised by all the critics. Only the story remains same; the listener is in a fallout shelter, listening to the recordings of the last man on earth. Since signing to SFR, Dolan has appeared on Sage Francis' Death Dance Tour and Buck 65's International Situation Tour. 2008 saw the release of the "Live Evel" vinyl EP, the May release of "The Failure" (feat Sage Francis, Alias, Sole, and more,) and an appearance on Prolyphic & Reanimator's debut album "The Ugly Truth" (May, SFR.) Dolan has toured very extensively in the US, as part of Sage Francis' Death Dance and Tours, as well as Buck 65's International Situation Tour, captivating audiences from coast to coast and announcing himself as a formidable new presence in the worlds of lyricism, performance art, and political action. on March 2, 2010 he Released:Fallen House, Sunken City


b.-dolan-Kate-The-Failure.mp3 Listen on Posterous

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