Saturday, 2 April 2011

White Mischief's 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas night: London, Apr 16

The smashing White Mischief steampunk night returns to London this month, with a 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas event at the Scala on April 16. The event includes the usual array of exhibiting artists, maker and crafter stalls, vaudeville and dance-hall acts, improbable stunts, happy mutants, raucous live music, a therimin concert and "Pith-helemeted chap-hop MC PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL." Dressing-up is not compulsory but certainly encouraged Inspirations: Captain Nemo, The Squid, Sailors and Sailorgirls, Salty Sea Dogs, Mermaids, Pirates and Wenches, Seahorses and Sea Monsters, End-of-The-Pier performers, Moby Dick and Ahab, Neptune/Poseidon/Triton, Victorian, Steampunk, HG Wells/ Jules Verne, Top Hats and Tails, Gowns and Bustles, Vintage... WHITE MISCHIEF: "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Seas" (Thanks, Toby!)  Photos from White Mischief steampunk night - Boing Boing Portraits of attendees at London's steampunk White Mischief night ... White Mischief steampunk night, King's Cross London, June 7 ... Highlights from steampunk bazaar at White Mischief - Boing Boing White Mischief steampunk variety night returns to London, May 23 ... White Mischief, London's steampunk variety night - Boing Boing Steampunk makers lineup announced for this Saturday's White ... Steampunk variety night returns to London's Scala, Mar 27 - Boing ... Steampunk variety night returns to London's Scala, Mar 27 - Boing ......


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